Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fireside Scent (Scent Review: Donna Karan, Chaos)

In chaos, there is serenity. I just made up that sentence as I was thinking about what to write about "Chaos," the scent by Donna Karan. Chaos was created in 1996 (commissioned by her then-husband) and I remember wearing it then. But as a scent-wearer, I was pretty inexperienced at that time and while I thought it was pretty and nice, I didn't really appreciate it. (I think I gave my bottle away) Cut to the 2000s, and it has gained such a cult following that bottles of it were being sold in the thousands(!) Of course that made me want it more. In 2009, Lauder (who bought Karan's fragrance arm) re-released it for a brief minute and I ran to get it, and I don't know why I don't wear it often, for it is truly stunning. I saw the bottle peeking at me earlier this week and I have worn it for three days straight now and I love it. Chaos is one of those rare breed nowadays: a spicy oriental. It open you up with the most unexpected mix of cinnamon, cardamom, and sandalwood. I think he name of the scent is meant to be ironic, because this scent is the equivalent of comfort food: it soothes, it calms. The incense comes in in the heart, but it is a behaved myrrh. I get lavender, saffron in the middle notes and it's a sweet-spice mix, down to its base with everything mixing harmoniously. I use the word harmoniously because it is so well blended and rich. For me, this scent is perfect for colder weather. This is the scene I imagine with this scent: a cozy night by a fire curled up reading a book. Even though this is a spicy oriental, it is not one that overpowers you. You never feel like this scent wears you. It feels very personal (the sillage is average but it has powerful longevity) and it feels like a scent that's a "secret." You know it, you like it, and it's yours, only yours. 

This is the original bottle from 1996:

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