Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Maybe Gayby (Film Review: Gayby)

I am sure a lot of gay men and their straight women best friends have made the same promise: that once they get to a certain age, and they are still unattached, that they would have a baby together - a Gayby!  That's the premise of this movie, and it's nothing really revolutionary. This film is one of those breezy comedies filled with real, cosmopolitan erudite characters without those being caricaturish. Matt (Matthew Wilkas) and Jenn (Jenn Harris, hilarious here) do take on that challenge: they want to try and have a baby. First they try to have one the "Old-Fashioned" way, and when that doesn't work, do the turkey basting way (via a cat's medicine injection) Along the way, this movie says more about single life in New York City, where friends become families. It's sweet and touching without being sentimental at all. The writing and direction by Jonathan Lisecki is never with a heavy hand, and the zingers made me laugh like no other movie has done lately. It's a great comedy: you don't have to check your brain in at the door when you see it, and at the same time  not too dumb for you to be guilty about.

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