Friday, March 30, 2012

Carol, On Miss Lee

I don't know when I started paying attention to Carol Welsman. I remember when I was still actively collecting CDs that she was prolific, but for some reason or another I had thought she was one of those generic voices. But she had an album titled "The Language Of Love" which I loved , and ever since then I have looked at her with a different eye. On the surface, she can be easily misjudged: she is blonde, she is pretty - she sings pretty - but I have come to realize she has depth, and she has great taste in music, and it shows in her craft. She has a 2009 album called "I Like Men - Reflections of Miss Peggy Lee" and I adore it. It caught my attention because I am a big Peggy  Lee fan and after hearing this album, I can tell how La Pegala has influenced Carol. She doesn't really get the light earthy lushness of Miss Peggy Lee, but no one ever will anyway. Carol is more modern, less sleek, but she totally gets the Peggyvibe, and it shows here. I love how she can go from a hard-hitting swinging "Do I Love You" to a tender "Folks Who Live On The Hill." I love the quirky arrangements, like a samba-ish "Just One Of Those Things," or the slow burn of "Johnny Guitar," which almost gets the wistfulness of the original version. Well, Peggy Lee always was the master of wistful, and Ms. Welsman comes close with "Remind Me."  The "Fever" her is just a little bit too weak sauce, but the best track is "I Like Men." She gets Peggy's humor, her sex appeal, and her musicianship. Check it out in this music video below:

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