Friday, March 9, 2012

Loud Lavender

I don't believe in genderizing scents. However, I also believe it takes a certain kind of man to carry a heavy floral, like Carnal Flower, for example. On the other side of the spectrum, some scents just scream "Man, man, man," and Pour Un Homme de Caron is one of them. This is your typical barber shop scent, and when I smell it, the vision in my head of the wearer would be a "Cary Grant" type, a classic mid-century man with a well-tailored suit and a fedora.  I really haven't fully appreciated the Caron house, and I know this is one of their signature classic scents. I don't own this as I am smelling it from a sample given to me.  It's loud, it calls attention, and usually I like those kinds of scents, but this just is not me. It's too barbershop, and I am more a salon kind of guy. Right now, as I sniff my wrist, I really can't imagine myself wearing this - it's too plain for work, and too "boring" for going out. Years ago when I used to wear suits and ties maybe I would have worn this, but on second thought, I doubt it. (I was wearing bombastic 80s scents even then) It's not a scrubber for me (it's night and I wore this after showering) but it's not a keeper either.

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