Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bring Back Romance

Sometimes I just want to read something mindless, something fun, something light. Beth Orloff's "Romantically Challenged" fit that bill to a T. It's a cute book, it made me laugh, it passed time quite pleasantly, it was entertaining. Sometimes that's all you need. I can't say it made me think real deep thoughts, but it kind of made me think anyway. Julia Burns is a lawyer in Los Angeles, and she is 32, and she is looking for love. She goes through every imaginable scenario out there, just to get a date: blind date, set-ups, dating service, speed dating, internet dating. Of course, the right man for her is right in front of her eyes, and we all know it half-way through the book of course, even though she doesn't. It's pretty standard fare, but Orsoff is a great storyteller and she makes even the most cliched scenarios interesting. I see the publication date of the book as 2006, but  I bet that that this was written way before that, as some things are kind fo dated. Plot points hinged on answering machine messages, a relic of ancient times if there ever was one. This is a very enjoyable book, and this is just what I needed right now. In a lot of ways, it seems old-fashioned in tone, but of course, things have not changed much since, and love is still love and romance is still romance. 


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