Monday, March 19, 2012

Smash Episode 7: Everything's Coming Up

Well, it turns out that Episode 7 is my favorite episode yet (second only to the pilot) because of one word: Bernadette. I don't mean to sound gushy, but she was excellent.  As Ivy's mother, she was a diva, she was a mother, she was hardened, she was a legend, she was tender, and she sang the bejesus out of "Everything's Coming Up Roses." Though I wish they were more original in their choice of song for her, I guess they want to appeal to the broadest scope of audience.  I loved her facial expression when she was watching Ivy sing - she was proud, she was envious, she was reminiscing, she was glowing in the moment. (It was kind of like seeing her Sally in Follies)

 The show, thankfully, ,is finally hitting.  its stride. All the expositions from previous episodes have blown up. I like the way that they resolved the Julia-Michael affair. Last week, someone told me that someone gets fired from the cast in this episode and I honestly never thought it would be Michael. But will it stick? And the workshop, I thought, was wonderful. The music is a little disjointed. If this were a real musical, the styles of the songs would clash, but we will suspend disbelief. One thing is getting more and more evident for me, though: Ivy is perfectly cast. Even when Karen was in Marilyn drag, she seemed ill at ease. Vocally, even, Kat McPhee is more a pop singer. Maybe that's why they have her singing pop songs every week (She was great singing that Colcie Caillat song tonight) I actually think it would be a great plot point to have her be discovered as a pop singer, because I really feel that is her strength.

Watching the show within the show made me realize how much I love "Let Me Be Your Star." (I have played it 56 times on my iPod) It really is the perfect song for this show.

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