Sunday, March 25, 2012

Marvelously, The Second Time Around

Nowadays, I very rarely watch anything more than once. Not from lack of interest, but from lack of time. However, I found myself watching "My Week With Marilyn" yesterday, and again, go to engrossed in it. Here is my rave from when I first saw it. It also fascinates me how some movies are so larger than life that it doesn't "translate" well when seen on a smaller screen. I think, on video, is more precious than great. I like it just as much, but I get more objective. I now see gaps in logical story-telling, but I think, this movie is more feelings than facts anyway. Michele Williams' performance still sparkles, but I must agree that on a smaller screen it could be a little too "big." Eddie Redmane maintains his charms, and is even more effective, while Kenneth Branagh is just a caricature in here, and the way he is written doesn't help matters. I couldn't help but compare Marilyn to Whitney Houston. That tortured artist thing seems almost a cliche, but so prevalent. And there's even a bathtub scene that seems a little ironic now. There are so many things I see on video that become a chore to watch. I breezed through this.

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