Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Smash Episode 6 - Chemistry? Yeah, Chemistry,

Can this be real, can this be true? SMASH is starting to have one thing that, for me, would make it even more delicious: camp. Whether intended or not, there were a couple of scenes last night that came close to classic camp. It first comes when Ivy is in her bedroom singing "Who You Are," (by Jessie J) and the lights kind of dim, and then all of a sudden, she sees Karen as Marilyn, her very worst nightmare. It's being credited to Prednisone, of course. I really don't know if Prednisone causes hallucinations, but I have taken it and it does wonders! I am allergic to seafood and had hives galore, and seconds after I took it, I could literally see my hives disappearing, it was like magic! And now the same drug brings Valley Of The Dolls to Smash, how great is that? And then of course Anjelica Houston goes to a bar where there are $7 Martinis, and she starts playing video games. I personally think Ms. Houston has accepted the fact that her character is a one-dimensional cartoon, so she is just having fun with it now, and more power to her. The Julia/Michael affair went full throttle last night, where they finally succumbed to their desires right there at the couch at the Rehearsal room. And lo and behold, the cast stages a number on *that*very*same*couch* the next day. All I was thinking was, Gee I hope they wiped it clean! Seriously, though, I really liked that scene right before the big whoop, there was all kinds of emotions on Deb Messing's face, and it was quite effective, and touching, and dangerous, and lustful...and did they use a body double? Of course, tehre's even a double entendre in the song from ths show, titled "History Is Made At Night," History? Yeah, history. There's a side storyline where Kat McPhee sings Florence And The Machine's "Shake It" song and it was kind of funny how all the Jewish kids start grooving to her. And she gets a card from Bobby Raskin, a record executive. Cue suspense music - I suspect he will be an integral character to all this soon. All in all an enjoyable episode.

One last thing, though: On the scene where Julia accidentally burns pancakes, she takes them off the griddle but she never turns off the flame. This went on for minutes, and the scene brings them out of the kitchen. All I could think of was: please turn the flame off, please. I'm OCD like that.

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