Saturday, March 3, 2012


Clooney. Pitt. There couldn't be bigger stars involved in the Los Angeles reading of '8,' Dustin Lance Black's play based from transcripts from the Prop 8 hearings. And they were all there, in their glory, bringing attention to this project, even broadcast worldwide on YouTube. This certainly is good for the cause, bringing awareness to its importance. The play "exposes" a lot of the bigotry and ignorance of those who side with Prop 8, and it is quite clear in their testimonies. I initially questioned if Black as being fair, as these people look like buffoons, their characterizations quite cartoonish, and unbelievably stupid. Then I realize that these were actual transcripts from the testimonies. They did say they were "condensed," and I just hope Black didn't just pull the stupid quotes. On a dramatic level, it diminished whatever suspense there was in the piece. I think i would have preferred a fairer fight, because I would also like to understand where these people are coming from, as they appear to be cardboard characters presented as such. Of the performances, I was quite surprised to be touched by Chris Colfer's. This trumps everything he has ever done on GLEE, and made me realize there is something else beneath that vapid exterior. I also liked the small monologues done by Matthew Morrison and Jamie Lee Curtis. I crinegd when Jesse Tyler Ferguson was on, and that was just me - he makes my skin crawl. Matt Bomer, Brad Pitt and even Clooney really weren't given much to do, and Martin Sheen's bombastic monologue became the crowd pleaser it was intended to be. John C Reilly almost steals the show as the bumbling Mr. Blankenhorn. All in all, I can nit pick things about the play, but when the cast took their bow, and the real figures behind the case went up on stage, I became the stupid fool when I found myself crying. Crying on a Saturday night, that's what my life has come to. 

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