Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love Smells

Ever since I got a Kindle, I have been reading more. In fact, it pushed me and challenged me to read more since I found it so convenient for reading.  However, I still had a physical pile of to-be-read books, and I told myself to go through them one at a time. Carole Matthews' "The Scent Of Scandal" was one of the physical books on the pile, and I confess, it was a little bit weird to be reading physical pages again. This book is an easy read, and that helps. It didn't really inspire me, though. It gave me a great flavour of a small English countryside town, but the story was predictable. I don't even mind predictable, really, as long as there's something about it that sticks out or makes it fun and interesting for me. As a lover of scents, I thought the main character being an aromatherapist would being a welcome novelty, but it was kind of bland. I did love, though, that the female characters were named after scent notes (Rose, Gardenia, Angelica, Anise) but all in all, it was just okay for me. 


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