Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hugo Nots

Did Marty Scorsese really direct HUGO? There are no gangsters, no swear words, no violent killings here. It's a children's movie, made to warm your hearts during the Holiday season (This movie opened Thanksgiving weekend) I passed on the movie last year, but since it won five Oscars past weekend, I figured I might as well see it. It certainly deserved its technical Oscars, and I am sure it must have been magical to watch on 3D, though on Blu-Ray a lot of the visual details are still very much evident on-screen. The story worked well, though a bit too "long tooth" for me. It's a good movie. I just didn't emotionally connect to it. I'm old now, and I'm cranky, and sometimes I have very little patience for things I don't respond to initially. I wish I could say that this movie had me enthralled from the very first frame, but I had to watch, stop, and repeat a couple of times. Ben Kingsley was great, and Saha Baron Cohen is perfectly cast for his role. I am sure this movie has brought, and will bring a lot of joy for a lot of people, and I am just going to have to accept that I am not going to be one of those. It's like going to a museum, looking at a painting and recognizing its beauty, significance, and artistry. Then you leave and you instantly forget about it. I thought of one other thing, though. I think this would make a great stage musical.  

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