Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sarah, Seriously.

Seriously, just give Juliane Moore the Emmy now. As Sarah Palin, she has humanized a monster. With every facial tick, a smirk, a snort, she has given Palin a soul that even I - who despises the ex-Governor of Alaska - kind of felt sorry for her. "Game Change" premiered on HBO last night and tells the story from the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Extracting and expounding from two chapters of the book, the story feels full, and scarier than a Horror film. I guess this is what happens when you thrust someone unprepared on the biggest political platform. My biggest concern about the piece, though, is how Steve Schmidt and John McCain seems to be washing their hands of the responsibility for creating the demon that is Sarah Palin. Yes, she is stupid about foreign policy and stupider about thinking she is the new Gods gift to Humanity, but I am just a little miffed that they almost don't acknowledge that they had a big hand on making her that way. I think it would be safe to say that they were the sources for the content of this film. And they sound like they are still bitter, and some people are saying that to this day John McCain is still bitter about losing to Obama, that's why he opposes everything the President does. Sarah Palin has told her supporters not to watch this movie and that's bad for them because she was treated fairly in this movie, showing a side of her that her haters would even like.

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