Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Smash Ep 8: Touch Me I'm Falling

So the workshop is over, and everyone is waiting. Ivy is doing cardio at the gym, and Karen is...well, Karen has just been summoned by Derek the Director for a special "secret" project. What is the project, you ask? Well, it's for her to sing a song titled "Touch Me," sort of Marilyn-style, but not really. You know what it is, truthfully? It's the carrier single for the SMASH album that's supposed to be out next week, so this episode is basically to capitalize and promote that. It's a boring episode, and we are back to exposition again. I think that's a big problem with this show - they spend a lot of time setting up storylines but the payoff is so short, or sometimes unrealized.  This episode also (seemingly) ties up two plot points - Michael and Julia get some "closure" (and I must say Debra Messing was excellent at that park scene) and Julia's son's case also got a resolution. And we also get to find out what caused the animosity between Derek and Tom, and it was an emotionally charged (and well-acted) scene, if a bit too trivial (You ask yourself, that was it?) And I refuse to devote a lot of words for Ellis, but I do wonder - he is so cretinous, so that does mean he is an effective villain? Whatevs. The episode closes with Tom telling Ivy that producers have made a decision to go with a name, and she is welcome to go back to the "Heaven On Earth" chorus, which is really not the worst thing. I mean, I am sure that show is better than Memphis!

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  1. i agree that it was a slower episode. i can't stand ellis. he is so immature and unprofessional. my 6 year old does that kind of tattling and getting in everyone's business. ellis is in his 20's, i think. a bit too old for this kind of behavior. he's just a brat.
    i felt bad for ivy this week. even so, i don't see why she has to focus her negative energies on karen. it's not like they're giving her the marilyn role anyway. karen has been nice to her, more than she deserves for how she acts toward her.
    the whole secret plot from derek was stupid. and karen should have just explained to tom and julia that she was tricked. i'm glad eileen came to her senses. i like eileen's daughter. too bad she's not sticking around. was eileen's ex-husband played by a different actor? he looked different this week.
    the bowling scene reminded me of "grease 2." lol!