Sunday, March 11, 2012

Woman Builds A Man

I was in the middle of a serious book when I had the inkling for something light, and funny so I started "Build A Man" by Talli Rolland.  I thought, well, the cover has one of those whimsical drawings so it should be a breeze. And fun it was, especially in the beginning. Although you have to suspend a lot of disbelief, you come along for the ride, though at times I want to smack the main character and want to shout at her to grow some balls. Without about a third left in the novel, though, the tone turns serious and it really does make you think: about life and what you need to give up for success, and realizing what is truly important. It even makes you think about plastic surgery, its pitfalls without being condescending or preachy.  Ms. Rolland even has a knack for suspense, and got me second guessing myself in various parts of the story. I was quite touched by the end. Although the novel follows a certain pattern, I felt it was still original enough to keep my attention. I was truly pleasantly surprised by this book.


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read Build A Man! I'm really pleased you enjoyed it.