Friday, March 16, 2012

Winter Green

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I want to write about a fragrance that smells "green," and it's Airborne, by Hussein Chalayan for Commes de Garcon. Mr. Chalayan has always been one of the more avante-garde fashion designers, and this perfume is based from his FW07 collection also titled Airborne. He has always been influenced by the idea of transformation, and this was his idea for his fragrance: "After selecting different elements such as neroli, lemon and lentiscus from Cyrpus, I proposed an imaginary scenario as how these ingredients could incur change during and after an air journey from  Mediterranean Cyprus to an urban setting." I kind of get it, about how scent transforms and evolves as it moves from one place to another. But first, I had to look up what lentiscus was, for I had no idea. It's a Green evergreen shrub that is associated with the Greek island of Chios. I don't know if that is what I smell, but the top notes are bright greens - I get neroli, and more lime than lemon, and it's big and sweet. It's a cold kind of green, like waking up to a winter morning in a mountain full of Evergreen trees. It then transforms to frankincense - and I love the transition. It's somewhat unexpected and unique for me. And it becomes a fuller incense, but still green. only lasts for an hour or so and then it's...gone. I love this, and while it has great sillage in the beginning, it just disappears too quickly. It's avante-garde and I respect it a lot, but I give it low points for longevity.

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