Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lactose Intolerance

I am trying to use scents that I have been languishing in my cabinet for a while - the ones in the "back row" that I know I have been neglecting, and only because they are in the back. Today I wore Sensuous, by Estee Lauder. I remember getting it when it first came out in 2008. There was huge hype in the perfume community and everyone and their mother was raving about it because for a house like Lauder it seemed "revolutionary" to release a "woody" fragrance. I also remember realizing that I did not own a single Estee Lauder fragrance. Growing up, I remember "stealing" spritzes from my mom's bottles of Estee and Aliage, and I wish I still had original bottles of those, for the reformulations now are so watered-down that I barely recognize them. Sensuous is woody alright, and I remember loving it at first spray. So warm, so vanilla that is not gourmand vanilla, and I thought so well blended that you really never know what you are smelling, only that it was good. But then it turns so sweet, like sugar sweet. On my skin it turns to like creme brulee. I don't know how to explain it but after awhile, it smells like milk on me. And my stomach starts to churn a little bit. You see, I do not like the smell of milk, it makes me want to throw up. It is also the main reason why I do not drink it. At all.  I now remember why I rarely wear Sensuous.

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