Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When A Star Is Your Star (Television Review: SMASH S2 E09 Bells And Whistle)

I have been slowly getting disappointed with SMASH this season that last night was the first time ever, I did not watch it in real time. It's in perpetual record on my DVR and I knew I would not miss the episode anyway, so I gave in to early slumber. I watched it upon waking up this morning, and lo and behold, it's a very good episode. The good vibes on BOMBSHELL is infectious. Finally, finally, finally, Ivy is Marilyn on SMASH and the whole world is breathing a sigh of relief, because, let's face it, Dead eyed McPhee was really no match to Hilty. So the tension now goes to Tom's directing style: democratic, easy going, ...pushover? Yeah, in his quest to be the queen of nice, it seems now that some people wants to take advantage of him (an ensemble member wants a monologue, cutie Wesley Taylor as Bobby texting during rehearsals) Add to this that Sam is back in town, unhappy with the Book Of Mormon tour. So, of course Tom offers him a role on the show, even though the only uncast role is Gladys, Marilyn's mom. (And why can't he do that role, anyway? ) This gives the show a chance to give Leslie Odom Jr a fabulous number, a great let's=put-on-a-show number reminiscent of Judy and Mickey. Things come to a head, and Deb Messing even has to take him to Derek's rehearsals for Hit List so that Tom can learn how to say "No!"  Meanwhile, speaking of Hit List...zzzz.... oh. I can barely get through that boring storyline. Jimmy is mad at Derek, and Derek is trying to show him he has a bigger dick, and with Dead eye McPhee there, it's just so boring. And Jimmy's big number though directed and choreographed well, is still a shit of a song. I haven't liked any of the Hit List songs yet, but that may be just me. And then there's the role of "The Diva," which is being offfered to Lea Michele, and because of a performance (embarrassing one, in my opinion) of a Beyonce number, gets Krysta Rodriguez the role. I read a great description of Rodriguez: all haircut, no talent. And the irony: Rodriguez was Lea Michele's understudy in Spring Awakening, so...full circle? 

Next week, we get to see Bernadette Peters take over as Ivy's mom, and I hope that's as fabulous as it sounds. 

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