Saturday, March 16, 2013

If You Are Pretty Like Miss Atlantic CIty (Book Review: Easy On The Eyes, Jane Porter)

"Easy On The Eyes," by Jane Porter isn't just another woman falling in love story (although it is) It tries to be more: a commentary on our society's emphasis on beauty, and how women in media struggle to compete and stay relevant as they get older. Like it or not, this is a unmistakeable fact, how the young demographic influence the decision making for media-related businesses. Tianna Tomlinson is an anchor of an Entertainment Tonight-like show, but she is 38, and is showing signs of age. Her agent is pressuring her to get plastic surgery, and she is resisting. She has had a rough life, and has worked hard to achieve fame. We get twists and turns that force her to make life-altering decisions. This is a pretty good novel, and Porter has crafted a very interesting character. I like the fact that even though the story is formulaic, I was still surprised by twists and turns. There were situations that I definitely did not see coming. Some parts were slow, but not to a point where I would want to put the book down. And, with stories like this where there is a lot of topical information, the novel sounds just a bit dated. It's still a formidable read, though. 


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