Saturday, March 2, 2013

Giants In The Sky (Film Review: Jack the Giant Slayer)

" There are Giants in the sky!
There are big tall terrible Giants
in the sky!

When you're way up high
And you look below
At the world you left
And the things you know,
Little more than a glance
Is enough to show
You just how small you are."

- Stephen Sondheim, "Into The Woods"

I am such a Theater Nerd that upon seeing "Jack The Giant Slayer," I instantly thought of the song "Giants In The Sky," from his musical Into The Woods. You can't blame me. Both the song and the movie have something to do with the children's story, "Jack And The Beanstalk." Though the movie, pardon the pun, is supersized. It's even in 3D. So why, you ask, did I end up seeing this movie? Anyone who knows me would tell you this isn't my cup of tea. I don't know why, either. The nice spring weather? Oh, why lie. I saw it because of Nicholas Hoult. I have been following his career since the UK "Skins," and well, why not. I think he is the next best thing, and this movie may not exactly propel him to A-list, but I think is a good step towards hitting it big. 

Oh the movie, you ask? It's your standard fantasy-action fare, with all the CGI machinations you would expect. I wish I could say I was totally enthralled by it, but I was merely entertained, and now, a couple of hours later, I wish I could remember more. I do recall that the cast had a pedigree: Ewan McGregor (with a bizarrely modern - but handsome - haircut)  Stanley Tucci, and Bill Nighy.  Maybe it's my projection, bu I feel like they are slumming it, doing this project in exchange of lucrative Hollywood money. As for the 3D effects, one wonders why they bothered. But I am not the one to ask about these things anyway, as I am vehemently opposed to the idea of 3D-izing anything. The great thing about movies, in my opinion, is how magical a great cinematographer can transform a frame through shading and lighting. 3D destroys that artistry.  So yes, I will not deny that the movie was entertaining, but forgettable. Hoult and McGregor made it bearable, but ultimately it's forgettable fare for me.

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