Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hopelessly Not A Hopeless Romantic (Book Review: In Search Of A Love Story, Rachel Schurig)

Emily just caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and now she is heartbroken. Her friends Ashley and Ryan tell her that the reason she is because she lacks romance in her life. Their solution: she needs to bone up on her romanticisms : chick flicks and romance novels. They say that once she immerses herself in them, the right guy will come galloping into her life. Such is the premise of Rachel Schurig's "In Search Of A Love Story." This book was a freebie from Amazon. I had low hopes for it, because I have been burned a couple of times from these free books, but I was very pleasantly surprised by this. Though the premise was dumb, the story wasn't quite. Yes, it is kind of predictable, and even Stevie Wonder would be able to see who is right and who is wrong for Emily, but the journey was very adventurous, and I loved the fact that the book gave some local Michigan flavor. I wished her friends weren't too one-dimensional, especially her gay male friend who is as shallow as shallow can be, but those were minor irritants. This is a cute love story that would be great reading for someone who needs just a little more romance in his life. 

This is a first of a series, and now I realize why this was given away free - it encourages you to buy the next books in the series. If my TBR pile wasn't sky high, I would grab those books right now.


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