Sunday, March 24, 2013

Love This Way (Book Review: You Belong With Me, Jeff Erno)

"See the pyramids along the Nile..."  I was singing that classic Patti Page song while I was reading this book, only to realize that the title of the book was "You Belong With Me," not "You Belong To Me." Darn. But, this is still one of the sweetest books I have read in a long time, one that made me weep at certain spots. It's a good old-fashioned "fairy" tale, in more ways than one. He is a nerd, his crush is a jock. It couldn't possibly, happen right? Only it did. All I could think was "You are in danger, gyrl," and I was right. Do not fall in love, I keep on threatening the main character, because you will only get hurt. And look what happened, he did get hurt. In the middle of ti all is a bullying subplot that will tear your heart apart. But it all gets tied up in a neat bow, with even Lady Gaga making an appearance. Is all of this too much for one heart? There is a big happy ever after ending you know is coming, as in most fairy tales, but getting there is a lot of fun. What a powerful story for young gay teens to empower themselves this day I wish I had this when I was their age.


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