Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sweet Sweet Love (Movie Review: Stuck In Love)

There are a lot of things I disliked about "Stuck In Love." It's pretentious, and cliches are flying all over the place. The direction is at times so awkward scene setups are so predictable. But, this film has also a lot of heart that I couldn't just ignore it. I noted that this movie came out Fourth of July weekend last year, and I am just seeing it now. I tried very hard to look past a lot of what irked me in the movie, and focus on what I liked: Greg Kinnear gives a subtle performance that works, and is matched by the rest of the cast. Lilly Collins' performance kind of mystified me. While I never believed her as a young author, she was more effective in scenes where she was just acting her age (like when is sparring with Logan Lerman, who is again adorable in here)  This is a film about people navigating the waves of love, and though I kind of disliked the cookie-cutter ending, it was sweet enough. Once I started watching it, I cared enough about the characters to keep on it, which nowadays is rare for me. 

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