Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's Not Easy Being Green (Perfume Review: Atelier Cologne Cedrat Envirant)

Didn't I just write about my favorite cologne a couple of days ago?  Well, it's Summer, anyway. so here I am again with another cologne. I was at Sephora and was conflicted as to what to try on until I saw that they had the Atelier Cologne line, so off I went and sprayed (with abandon) their new-ish Cedrat Envirant. I actually initially thought it was a cedar based fragrance, but the name means "Intoxicating Citron," and as you can tell, my French is really bad. The inspiration is the French 75 cocktail, which I have never had, although I read it is a gin and lemon drink.  I don't think the scent is particularly boozy (it doesn;t have that dry gin note of Penhaligon's Juniper Sling) but it is certainly lemony. And it is a particularly bitter lemon, complete with the zest of the peels. It's also certainly loud, and it also started to sour on my skin. I don't know if it meant to do that, but it's not an unpleasant sour, like the smell of sun on skin. It's is just a plain sour lemon smell.  I don't really know if I like it, to be honest. I have work this now for a couple of hours and while I am not loving it in a way that I must have it right away, I also find myself smelling and smelling it over and over again. The drydown has a musky vanilla quality not unlike one of my other Atelier Cologne favorites: Vanila Insensee. On one end, it is not a perfume that excites me, but it doesn't bore me enough to give it a negative review. It's just

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