Monday, June 16, 2014

Suddenly Last Summer (Book Review: Since Last Summer, Joanna Philbin)

I am so behind my book challenge for the year that I don't know if I would ever recover. I started reading a book that I really could not get into, and got caught in that rut. Thank God I found Joanna Philbin's "Since Last Summer," which, I know is a sequel to last year's "The Rules of Summer," and I remember these characters already and felt that this wouldn't be such a hard book to get into. Plus, in a week or so, it will be officially summer, so maybe this will get me in a mood of summer reading. I kind of liked the first book from the series (My review is right here ) and this was not bad. I felt that I liked the first one just a little more, or perhaps I just disagreed with a lot of the choices of those characters here in this book. (I definitely liked these characters more last year) This gives us a glimpse of the rich Hampton crowd, so there's enough escapist fun here. Other than that, it was a pretty readable book, and I finished it enough to want reading more. So all in all, not bad.

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