Thursday, June 26, 2014

Marry Marry Quite Contrary (Book Review; Mike Gayle, Mr. Commitment)

I am becoming a big fan of the author Mike Gayle. I have just finished reading "Mr. Commitment," and even though this novel is now fourteen years old, it hasn't lost any of its topical relevance. It tells the story of Duffy, who has been with his girlfriend Mel for four years. She is ready to take heir relationship to another level (marriage) so she proposes to him, and he freezes. It doesn't take a genius to see where all this goes. Mr. Gayle has created a great character though and Duffy keeps you interested. He has also a good knack for creating circumstances that get to you, and it's fun to see the characters navigate through the roadblocks given them. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and am now searching for more of Mr. Gayle's books to read.

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