Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ibiza Summer Solstice (Perfume Review: Herbas de Ibiza)

Summer is here. The longest day, Summer Solstice, was Saturday and I have a specific scent memory for that day. I remember years and years ago I was at Aedes on a hot hot day, and was talking to the folks there. I asked for a recommendation on a good cologne. I wanted to steer away from the common choices, and at that time, the ultimate cologne for me was Anick Goutal's Eau D'Hadrien, but I told them I wanted something with just a little weight: somethign with a bit of spice to liven up the citrus of a cologne. "We've got the perfect cologne for you," they said: Herbas de Ibiza. And yes, I fell in love with it instantly. It had the lightness of a summer citrus cologne, but it also has spices, and it gives the scent a whole lot of character. The inspiration is Ibiza, the town. They wanted to capture the beach, the smells of the old town, perhaps a glimpse of what makes it a party town. It starts with a sweet lemon, and just a hint of orange, but then the weight start to come in: galbanum, lavander, violets, even vanilla. It becomes much much more than lemon. And there's even that sun-tan lotion note in there that would remind you of the beach, and I swear there is some musk in there, too which, of course gives the scent a sex vibe. But, this is still a cologne, and it even runs on the natural side, so the longevity is poor. I have to reactive it every couple of hours, but it does refresh on a hot day. I was at Ibiza last year and couldn't help but think of the scent when I was there. I even saw a bottle at a souvenir store and bought a small bottle with my travel magnets. I remember splashing it while I was there, and as I wear it now, on one of the hottest days of the year, I am instantly brought back to last year's trip. This is Ibiza in a bottle for me.

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