Saturday, June 21, 2014

London Calling (Television Review: Ladies Of London, Mondays on Bravo TV)

London is my Favorite European city, fact.  So it's not a surprise that Bravo's new "reality" show, Ladies Of London has become a favorite. (At this point, I have been to London yearly for the past three years, and I am scheduled to visit again in September) It's fantastic  great to see all my favorite streets of London, and it is  even better to get a glimpse of the lives of these people who live there. There are six women featured here, and I wonder why they didn't call it Real Housewives of London. (Hm, maybe because this show wasn't developed by Andy Cohen and he owns the Real Housewives name?) Of course, they cast the show for tension and in here, it's the Brits vs. the Americans. I have finished episode three and the producers seem to be painting Anabelle Neilson as the de-facto villain. She is one of those reserved Brits and was appalled when, during a party, flamboyant Yank Juliet Angus opens her gift of panties. (the horrors!)  Elsewhere, pregnant model Caprice Bourret (she is sort of a low rent Kate Moss) reveals that she is having two babies - she was in the process of having  a surrogate carry her baby when she got pregnant naturally. This explodes in the tabloids, thanks to her granting one an "exclusive" interview, and she revels in the fact that she drove Kate Middleton out of the front page. Noelle Reno is engaged to Scot who is embroiled in a bitter divorce battle and the controversy has them playing leper because no one wants to invite them to the exclusive parties (boo-hoo!) so thanks to Caroline Stanbury - a blue blood who runs her own luxury gift website - she gets in the Salinsbury party. The drama isn't as explosive as what The Real Housewive have become (no bankruptcies or hair pulling - so far) and it is a welcome more light-hearted alternative. I am hooked now - I can't wait to see how these ladies interact. 

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