Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First I Was Afraid (Book Review: First You Fall by Scott Sherman)

I read and loved "Second You Sin," by Scott Sherman, and then I realized it was the second book in The Kevin Connor Mystery Series, so of course the anal retentive in me just had to seek out "First You Fall," which is the first book of the series. And guess what? I loved it as well. I observed a while back that older people liked to read mysteries, and maybe because I am older now that I am getting into the genre more. Books like "First You Fall" will inch me to reading more, if they are this enjoyable. But I find what I like most about this book is the characters. We of course have the protagonist: the rentboy with a heart of gold, and we have his obligatory slutty best friend. Their interplay is wonderful: witty and erudite. (Kevin's mother is also a hoot)  The "mystery" part here is pretty good, and there's good action in the final chapters. For me, it was a great blend, and though I like the second book better (I thought there were more characters than mystery in the sequel) this one kept my interest level high and it definitely wasn't boring. I hope to Mr. Sherman adds more to the series. 


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