Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rentboy Manhunt

I don't really read a lot of mysteries, but I know a lot of older people do. So, as I realize I am aging, I said I might as well go with the flow and read some. A long while back, I got "Second You Sin" free from Amazon, and I just read it. I loved it. Maybe it's because it's really not much of a mystery novel. It's a gay love story, a gay in the city story, with a side of a mystery. The mystery part is pretty lame: someone is killing rent boys in the city, who could be doing it? I can say I spotted the killer a mile away, and it was pretty tedious to see it unfold. However, Sherman has given us a very likeable character in Kevin Connor - he is witty, smart, and pretty erudite that you will not mind spending time with him. Who would have thought he could extract a sympathetic character from a male prostitute? But he has, and the situations he put himself into were hilarious, and Sherman has also assembled a cast of characters that are vivid and charming. I especially loved Kevin's mom who owns her own salon in Long Island (Sophie's Choice Tresses) and how she handled a homophobic daytime talk show host. I kind of  wished the supporting characters wouldn't just disappear, but then I found out this is the second of a series so I think they are probably recurring characters. Now I have the mind to go read the first of the series. The book reminded me of those novels from the 90s that I used to read by folks like Robert Rodi and Michael Feinberg. This is cute and sweet, even with the stale mystery. 


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