Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Smash Episode 13: Tech Is A Bitch

I would say "Tech," last night's episode, is the series' best one yet, and I know why. Apparently, all twelve episodes aired had been in the can even before premiered, so this is the first episode they have shot since premiering. SO by the time they shot this episode, they had already heard all the mixed reviews, the criticisms, the word-on-the-street on all the storylines. And the first thing I notice? Less Ellis. Oh sure, he was still there, but they weren't using him to drive incredulous plot points.  First things first: I love the opening number, an honest-to-goodness show tune about a Broadway show. (I think it's the first time ever)  "Let Me Be Your Star" (a song I accidentally discovered I have played close to 100 times on my iPod) is interpolated - beautifully, if I may add - to Cole Porter's "Another Openin' Another Show" as they show everyone taking the train to Boston, where it will begin out-of-town tryouts. I love that scene, it's joyous and energetic, and a perfect opener. And while it is beautifully set in Grand Central Station, I couldn't help but ask: why are they taking Metro-North instead of Amtrak (which leaves from Penn Station) But anyway, they get to Boston (what a wonderful theater, I wonder where they shot?) So they get there, and it's tech - a laborious process where everyone is tired, irritated. they basically do nothing but stand on stage or do scenes over and over again. And the biggest kicker: the actor who plays Joe DiMaggio has suddenly quit after getting a pilot. So they have to get Michael Swift - which takes the story to Julia. She is distraught, she gives them an ultimatum: it's him or me. Why, you ask, wasn't Michael back with his wife anyway, and didn't I remember him telling her the affair was over? So shouldn't it be no big deal? (By the by, Julia's husband has come home) Back on stage, there is some  confusion about Rebecca and gloves, or some such thing, and it ended up to Derek sleeping with her. Ivy catches them, and is heartbroken, giving her a chance to sing a fantastic version of "I'm Goin' Down" in a singoff vs Karen. This after Karen turns down a engagement ring from Dev. (Her reason? "It's Tech!") We see Dev and Ivy at a bar, flirting. Fade out, and we see in next week's episode they slept together. 


  1. i agree about the intro number. and only a true new yorker would notice the train snafu.

  2. Technically, though, you can end up at Boston from Grand Central - you just need to make a couple of transfers :)