Friday, May 4, 2012

Yoga Bore-a

This book, "Tales From The Yoga Studio," was near the bottom of my TBR pile until I found out that its author, Rain Mitchell was the pseudonym for one of my favorite authors, Stephen McCauley, so I dug it up to read right away. I can't believe this was written by him. It was so sluggish, and three quarters in, still not much has happened to any of the characters. To call it disappointing would be such an understatement. Perhaps it's my fault, because I was expecting too much from it. I thought it would be fun eye candy for the brain, with interesting characters that one can relate to. But, he crafted such brain-dead women that I found myself not wanting to spend any time with them. At the very least, I thought it would give me some insight about yoga, a topic I am mildly interested in. I learned nothing, though. I know that this book is a beginning of a series - the second book, "Head Over Heels" just came out - so this whole boo ma be an introduction to these characters. I found none of them worthy of a second visit. I am giving this two stars on Goodreads, but really it's just worth one. The other star is for his other books which I have all loved.


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