Monday, May 21, 2012

Read What Happened (Book Review: Most Talkative by Andy Cohen)

So confession time: I *love* Watch What Happens Live, which is the almost-nightly talk show on Bravo hosted by Andy Cohen - I think it's fun, it's sassy, it's so gay it will make your eyeballs hurt. But Andy Cohen? I am conflicted. Sure, I have to commend him on changing the reality TV climate with the Housewives series, but sometimes his instigator/what-me-instigate? schtick can be annoying. But I was interested enough to read his memoir, "Most Talkative: Stories from the front lines of Pop Culture."  And you know what? it was entertaining. I kind of like that he does not take himself too seriously, and he weaves a web of stories that are interesting. His self-deprecating tone is just right, I never felt it was too put-on. I wasn't expecting anything deep in it, and I didn't get any. While I don't think he is a genius - he is a privileged rich boy who has great ideas - I respect his commitment to his craft. After all that, there really isn't anything more to add. If you like and follow the Housewives series, you will appreciate the story of how the franchise was created. I liked the stories of his interactions with celebrities, like Oprah, Diana Ross, and his inspiration, Susan Lucci. The book is a quick read - grabbing it on the way to the beach can't hurt you much. 


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