Thursday, May 3, 2012

70, Babs, 70

I cannot think of a music collector who doesn't loathe compilations. That goes for me, too. They exist not for me, because as a completist, I feel like I am being forced to acknowledge them, even if they have no use for me. But okay, I will bite, and look at "A Woman In Love: The Greatest Hits," which was released for Barbra Streisand to commemorate her 70th birthday. Most of the time, labels put one rare track in these things, but this one was so mechanically produced, it is as if it was produced by a robot. Most of her beloved hits are here, so the "casual fan" can purchase this and feel that they got their money's worth. The usual suspects - Love Theme (From A Star Is Born), People, Guity - are here. There are songs from her acclaimed Broadway albums, and songs from Funny Girl and Yentl. The only one thing that can be considered kind-of obscure is Ann Hampton Callaway's "I've Dreamed Of You," but I am sure they included that because that is Barbra's wedding song. But I can't hate this too much. This is still Barbra, and I will listen to her probably till the day I die. And it is for a wonderful occasion, her 70th. And the color scheme of the cover isn't pink. I don't even know who will buy a compilation like this - a "casual fan" of hers probably has something similar in their collection. But, all in all, the music is still like buttah. Happy Birthday, Barbra.

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