Monday, May 7, 2012

Open Your Heart To Me

I stopped being way too critical about "gay movies" a long time ago because...well, life is short and if I do enjoy one, then fine. If I don't I just shrug and move on. I have seen all the movies in the Eating Out series and damn if I can even remember them. They are like strip shows - you go to a bar, you have a few drinks and you enjoy them, and by the morning it's all a distant memory. So as I put on "Eating Out - The Open Weekend," I have no expectations at all. But I do enjoy them as I watch them - the beefcake is certainly served well-done if almost generic to the point that you cannot distinguish one from the other. The plot int his one is thin - a couple goes to Palm Springs for the weekend, one guy wants to open the relationship, the other goes along even if he is unsure. Of course, exes, fag hags and the like get into the picture. So to speak. I thought this was an entertaining movie, if a bit too young-skewing for my taste. Yes, they are vapid, but have you been to Palm Springs lately? Actually, I haven't been there in twenty five years or so, but I can only imagine. There are no Oliviers here, but on a Saturday night, I found it to be a great diversion. The actors say their lines, look pretty, and disrobe. That's good enough. There is a marriage equality sub-plot that is kinda sweet without being too overtly political, and that's the extent of any kind of intelligence here. But then again, it never aspires to be so. 

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