Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Powder And Leather (Scent Review: Prada Amber Pour Homme)

It is very rare for me to finish a bottle of anything, obviously because I have more scents than days of the week. Today, I finished one: Prada Amber Pour Homme. It was their very first masculine scent, and when I first got it, I loved it to death. It was ambery, it was powdery, at the time, I thought it had the most revolutionary drydown: suede. I loved the fougere mixed with leather. I smelled soapy, and clean (and that is not a bad thing) and I felt like I just showered using very expensive soap.  At that time, it smelled so different from all the male commercial scents available, and I felt fashionable and decadent, and elegant. Smelling it right now, after I doused myself with the last spritzes from my bottle (I actually felt very sad when I threw away the bottle) I keep on smelling my wrist and my shirt, and craving it. Not enough to rush and get a new bottle, mind you, but I know that if I saw a cheap bottle somewhere I would grab it. (Maybe at Heathrow when I am there in  two weeks ) I also want to try the "intense" version they have, although this has pretty good longevity. So goodbye, Prada Pour Homme, but maybe I will see you again?

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