Sunday, October 20, 2013

Friends Of You And Me (Book Review: The Myth Of You And Me, Leah Stewart)

I started reading Leah Stewart's "The Myth Of You And Me" on an afternoon and found myself up until 2 am trying to finish it. I found myself instantly engrossed in it, and the strange thing about it is that this book does not even have a lot of "action" in it. It is one of those I call "internal" novels. Told in first person, we get to know the main character, Cameron inside and out, warts and all. This novel is a story of friendship, and what happens when two people are too close that a combustion is bound to happen between them. It presents a point that the friends we acquire in our lives are pre-destined. And I kind fo believe that. People come and go in our lives and sometimes change just happens. At the same time, some friends stay in our lives no matter what. This novel was presumable written before 2005 (when it was first released) and there are times that I felt some of the conflicts could have been resolved had the characters used their cell phones. But then I realize that at that time, smart phones aren't as prevalent. So I just told myself to let go and fully enjoy the book. So I did. I still find myself thinking about the characters after turning the last page.

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