Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cinderella's Scent For The Ball (Perfume Review: Miss Charming, Juliet Has A Gun)

Juliette Has A Gun's Miss Charming reminds me of the story of Cinderella. I think this would be the scent Cinderella would wear to the ball. She would be picking strawberries earlier in the day, and then she would wear her gown, and Prince Charming would give her a rose corsage, and she would dance the night away, and her natural musk would come out, and then she would go home with her glass slipper. The story would be in that order. As you spritz Miss Charming on, the first thing that I got was strawberries. Most strawberry note perfumes in the market has that plastic-y strawberry smell, but this one is not screechy, and that is because it is accompanied by a rose, in full bloom. There is a slight lychee here too, that gives this coldness, and the full effect is really quite elegant, for a fruity floral. This stays with you for a long long while, before white musk sets in to round it up. The longevity is massive, with a decent almost-quiet sillage. I think it's a "pretty" scent and works better, for me, in the colder weather. If this was a designer fragrance, it would be a grand slam. But the fact that it is from a niche label, and done by Nina Ricci's grandson, well, I kind of expected more from him. It's well done, for sure, but really not the most imaginative thing. Wear it, and you may end up with a Prince.

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