Thursday, October 10, 2013

And Rain Will Make The Flower Grow (Book Review, The Last Camellia, Sarah Jio)

After reading through a couple of pages in "The Last Camelia," by Sarah Jio, I searched on Google what a camellia looked like. It's a beautiful multi-petalled flower, and apparently it has a citrus-y scent. (I curiously have not seen  it being featured as a note in any of my perfumes)  This book, a light mystery, is centered on The Middlebury Pink Camellia, which apparently is very rare. We weave through two stories - one from the past, and one from the present - and between the stories of two women - Addison and Flora - we piece together a tale of murder, deceit, blackmail, and love. It is mpstly set in England, and the anglophile in me got immersed very quickly. This is a book of details more than emotion, and I wish I could say that I was more emotionally connected with the book, but I just wasn't. I cared about what would happen to the characters more than I cared about the characters. This is not to say I did not enjoy the book. I did. The "mystery" part was fairly interesting, and the plot glided along quickly and smoothly. I did not get bored for a second. Flora's plotline was reminiscent of Maria Von Trapp's in "The Sound Of Music," or maybe I am just projecting. All in all, an easy read and perfect to get me back in the groove of raading.

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