Friday, October 4, 2013

Sean's Way (Television Review: Sean Saves The World, NBC< Thursdays at 9 )

I was looking forward to last night's premiere of "Sean Saves The World" (NBC, Thursdays at 9 pm) because of Megan Hilty. Yes, ever since her stint at SMASH, I have been and will be a lifelong fan of hers. Honestly, if not for her, I don't think I would make an effort to look for this show. While I don't dislike Sean Hayes, I don't find consider myself a fan of his as well. This is Sean's dog and pony show, though.  He was on every single scene on the pilot, and he did everything but drink his blood on last night's premiere. (Perhaps he is saving that for sweeps)  My verdict? I needed to remind myself that this is a comedy, because I did not even crack a small smile in the entire half hour it was on. The jokes were all tired, and Hayes' brand of physical slapstick humor just isn't my cup of tea. He jumps, he mugs, he tried every trick in the book last night that I felt so exhausted after. Again, if it weren't for Megan Hilty, I don't think I would have stayed after the first commercial break. She wasn't given enough to do: she plays your typical sassy office mate, and I hope she is given a little more as the season goes on. There's Linda Lavin, too, playing Hayes' sassy mother, and that could hold some promise, though her character is reminiscent of Mullaly's Karen Walker from Hayes' alma mater sitcom. I am hopeful for this show, though. I will keep it on my DVR and I will see if it improves. It is obviously being given a prime spot by NBC, in the hopes of revitalizing their Thursday night comedy line-up. (I have not seen Michael J Fox's show which follows this)  The one thing I have noticed, though, is that Hayes' character being gay is such an afterthought. I guess we are living in such times that this is so normal and commonplace that it didn't even warrant more than a joke or two last night. If this sitcom was from fifteen years ago, his being gay would have been a bigger deal. Progress?

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