Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's Rose, It's Citrus, It's A Citrus Rose ! (Perfume Review: Tokyo Moli Gin & Rosewater)

I was reminded of the Tokyo Milk brand during my recent trip when in one the hotels we stayed at, their products were the featured toiletry. It's a brand that is a little bit under the current, but, in my opinion, deserves more attention. But then again, perhaps not. In some ways, I want it to be my little secret.  they do not make the most inventive fragrances, for sure, but they do solid work on the ones they do. Plus, I love that they do 1 oz. bottles for $20.00 or so, which makes them real cheap thrills. The quality is quite good, but still has an artisanal vibe. In the hotel they have something called Mandarin Mimosa, but I just checked their website and perhaps they only manufacture that exclusively for hotel chains. It turns out that one of my old old Tokyo Milk bottles, Gin & Rosewater, has a similar foundation,  The predominant notes in here are mandarin and mimosa. But this also has "citrus zest," which gives it a fizzy alcohol feel, and all of it is underlined by rosewater. I love rose scents, and this strikes me (in theory) as a yellow rose, brightened by a streak of sunshine. It's truly pretty, and I am wearing it on these crisp fall days, which brings out a depth to it which I suspect may not be there during summer days. The fragrance is a great pick-me-up. the citrus top notes give it a sweet/sour combo the blending with the rosewater makes it smell pretty, and easy to wear. The sillage is discreet, and even though the longevity could be better, it won't break the bank to reactivate it.

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