Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Frame Of Vetiver (Perfume Review: Keiko Mecheri Vetiver Velours)

I have not been truly impressed by Keiko Mecheri, but I must also admit I have not tried a lot of her creations.  Even when I saw her perfumes, I find myself not trying them. Someone gave me her "Jasmine" a while back, and it just sits towards the back of my collection, though I think I find it pleasant enough. Maybe that's the impression I get from her line: pleasant enough, but no wow. Until I got her 'Vetiver Velours," from her BeSpoke collection. Here is how they describe the collection:

"Bespoke is the essence of Les Parfums Keiko Mecheri in its purest form. It's a collection conceived in harmony with the artistic value of Kimura, who used only the choicest raw materials of exceptional quality vintages to create sumptuous, rich tactile sensations."

Vetiver Velours is fantastic. If you are a fan of vetiver, and  want a variation of it that is unique and imaginative, then I kbnow you will love this. The vetiver note is not front and center, like Guerlain's Vetiver, but it frames the whole fragrance well, and you are always aware of it. It starts grassy, but a well-blended heart of spice and aromatic notes give it a luxurious, opulent feel. Not one note overwhelms, though I do get agarwood and sycamore. What is interesting is that when I first wore this, on a warmer day, the white musk came out, and gave it an earthy, sexy feel. But today, on a colder day, it is more woodsy and I get more an oud feel. For me, that is the definition of a well-done fragrance: its complexity gives it a lot more character. While I have read that this was intended as more "summer" fragrance (the scent is a bloomer) I find that it could be a huggy comforting one for winter evenings.

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