Monday, October 21, 2013

Isn't It Queer (Television Review: Queer Eye For The Straight Guy 10th Year Reunion)

How time flies. Last night, Bravo had a television reunion special: Queer Eye For The Straight. The "Fab Five," as they were called, got back together to dish and reminisce with Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen. All of them were present: Carson Kressley, the fashion expert, Ted Allen, the culinary guru, Kyan Douglas, in charge of  styling , ThoM Filicia, the interior decorator, and Jai Rodriguez, the "lifestyle guru." (After all this time, I still don't know what Jai was responsible for) it wasn't the first make over show ever, but it had a unique hook: five gay guys would go and re-invent a straight guy.  I guess that at time it was kind of revolutionary, as this was before anyone even thought of marriage equality as a reality. I remember loving the show when it first came on, and I even remember where I was in my life then. I thought they were so entertaining and found myself tearing up whenever they had one of those straight guys whom everyone thought was impenetrable. I've also got to say that the five of them had fantastic chemistry, and it was still evident during the reunion show - old jokes were rehashed, and they were all laughing like no time has passed. I wish I liked Andy Cohen as a host - he just seems an instigator who doesn't care about guests' answers, and here that still shows. He asked them if they would all do the show again, and all of them said no. They are right, maybe the best things should be left alone, in memory.

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