Saturday, October 5, 2013

Let's Face The Music And Backstreet (Book Review: Facing The Music And Living To Talk About It, Nick Carter)

I don't know what I was expecting when I chose to read this book. All I know is that I was watching "Watch What Happens Live" and Nick Carter was a guest, and they started talking about his breakup with Paris Hilton, and that their story was in Nick Carter's autobiography. At that point, I didn't even know he had written one. So, I hunted for it, and started reading it. And I am sorely disappointed by it. I guess what I got wasn't nowhere near what I wanted to get from this book. Ninety percent of this book is inspirational self-help mumbo jumbo. I am sure Carter feels fantastic about his recovery from addiction, and I am sure he is making a positive impact in his life, but frankly, this book reads like his AA journal. It's his writings to remind himself to stay on the course, and live a better healthier life. The book may be an interesting souvenir for his die-hard fans, but for only casual fans like myself, it's a whole bit of nothing. I think, actually, that if you took out those parts in this book, you would probably be left with a chapter. I mean, fine if he did not want to diss Paris Hilton in the book by being level-headed about their whole relationship, but a little bit of dirt would have added just a little flavor. His personal stories here would probably account to a long essay. Even his chapter on healthy eating could have been more specific. I guess I should have known this from the bland title of the book.


  1. He didn't diss Paris Hilton at all in his book. It sounds as if you were looking to find gossip and scandal. Instead you found a man who took complete ownership of his problems with alcohol and addictions. Yes, he mentioned Paris, noting that with the problems he had, her lifestyle, and the partying that her group of celebrities lived were the worst thing that someone with his problems needed to be with--is this really at question? I would hope not. His book is not ABOUT Paris-it is about him and what he had to do to get clean. For a man with virtually NO education to speak of, he has an incredible insight into his dysfunctional family, the risk factors of his pop star career, and what he has to do to avoid falling back into the bad habits which have caused his emotional, mental and physical problems. From someone in the health business, this book shows an incredible insight. I'm just sorry that you though the book was gossip trash, and that is what you wanted.