Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Exotic Marigold Scent (Perfume Review: Penhaligon Vaara)

I was doing laundry the other day from my month-long trip, and chanced upon a shirt I used that was so fragrant I buried my nose in it before I dropped it in the washer. Vaara, I thought to myself, from Penhaligon's. I used Vaara a couple of times during my trip, based on a couple of samples I got, and fell in love with it every time I wore it. But, it wasn't love at first sniff. 

When I first read about this release, I was very excited. Can you imagine the idea behind it? It was inspired by the Royal House Of Marwar-Jodphur in Rajhastan. His Royal Highness Maharajah Gaj Singh commissioned nose Bertrand Duchaufour to create a perfume for his granddaughter, named Varra. It is meant to symbolize their connection to Jodphur, and Duchaufour himself traveled there to get inspiration for the scent. So, in my mind, I was imagining something more exotic, perhaps reminiscent of the spices I associate with India. (I thought for sure this perfume would have a cumin note) I was expecting a complex fragrance - layered with sweetness, of spice, of heat. Imagine my surprise when I sprayed it that I got a fruity floral. I thought to myself, how generic. 

But then as I wore it, I found myself enamored by it. It's a fragrance with a rose heart - always a plus with me, but I senses something slightly sweet-sour in the forefront. At first I thought it was pineapple, but apparently it's quince, a fruit I am admittedly not too familiar with. A quince, apparently, is a cross between a pear and an apple, and there's a light sweet lemon tinge as well. There's just a bit of saffron in here to give the scent some "weight," but it disappears quickly, and it stays on the sweet side. And the rose never leaves, here I imagine it's a bright yellow one, with petals tinged with a pink outline. The overall effect is pretty, and I imagine I am wearing this on a nice Spring day, in casual wear but still a little dressed up. I want to own it, though, honestly, I am not rushing. It's like a nice shirt to own, but I can wait till it goes on sale.

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