Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cross This off Your To-Do List (Movie Review: The To Do List)

Oh, what to do about "The To-Do List"?  Why do I not like it? Actually, why is it that I am strongly disliking it It's a raunchy comedy from a female point of view, and equal rights and all, right? We all have suffered similar movies from the teen male side, so why not indulge, if need be? It's just that the all the characters here are unlikeable, starting with the main character, Aubrey Plaza, who plays an incoming college student determine to finish off a list of sexual experiences which she feels will make her more prepared for the next step of higher education. As dumb as that idea is, I tried to play along. But one scene after another is more gross than the next. Sure some gags made me chuckle, but most just made me cringe, and I am the furthest thing from a prude. Actually, I kind of like the sex-positive vibe of the movie, it's just the execution here that I am just at odds with. And maybe its just me: the crowd I went with seems to be enjoying every bit. To me, the whole movie felt like an overlong Saturday Night Live sketch. Aubrey Plaza doesn't help much: she is whiny, surly, and if she were my friend, I would punch and delete her from my phone. The supporting cast is good and true to the spirit of the movie: Connie Britton can do no wrong, and I am kind of sad for Rachel Bilson: she stars in her television show but has to play support here. Rachel, fire your agent - surely there are better choices out there? This made me kind of regret going out, as my time could have been better spent napping.

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