Sunday, August 11, 2013

Supermarket Sweeped (Television Review: Supermarket Superstar, Lifetime)

They now have a reality show for *everything*  so finding something one's eye is getting more and more difficult, because a lot of it just feels like noise. I don't know what compelled me to put the new Lifetime show "Supermarket Superstar" on my DVR but there it went. I saw the pilot a while back, but only just got around to seeing the second episode tonight. The show is hosted by Stacey Kiebler, otherwise known as George Clooney's girlfriend, and I think now as his ex.  I have no idea what she is: actress, model? I guess now also host. She does an okay job. But the whole show just confuses me. They are searching for the next supermarket brand. They pick three finalists to compete from a pool The finalists bring their product to a group of three judges/mentors. They are given points as to how to make the product more palatable (make it cheaper, streamline the taste) and they go back to the test kitchen and refine. Then after doing that, they test their product to a test audience. On the first episode, since it was a cake challenge, the testers were newlyweds. On the second episode, food bloggers. After the testers give input, the contestants get rated, and the one with the lowest score goes home. The two left gets to present their product to a supermarket buyer, and one - the episode's winner - is chosen. It's too long, too confusing, and too boring for me. I could barely get through the second episode, and the third one is sitting on my DVR taking space. I am maing an executive decision - it and the series - is being deleted tonight. Life is too short.

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