Monday, August 12, 2013

Instant Step Mom (Book Review: Heart Like Mine, Amy Hatvany)

There's really nothing new in Amy Hatvany's "Heat Like Mine." As a matter of fact, it felt kind of old. If I hadn't double-checked, I could swear that this book was set in the 50s. A girl gets pregnant, and gets sent to a good-girls-gone-bad school only to have her child adopted against her will. I don't think these things still happened in the 90s. The modern-day parts are a little more realistic. An newly engaged couples world gets rocked when his ex-wife unexpectedly dies. Instant Step Mom. Of course the kids are going to be antagonistic to her. It's real, but I couldn't help but think it's a little too convenient. I wish I could say that I liked this a lot, but I didn't. But at the same time, I didn't hate it either. This is one of those books that just sat there while I was reading it. I felt that it didn't go anywhere, and I really learned nothing new about life after reading it.


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