Sunday, January 12, 2014

Live And Let Lullaby (Music Review: Nick Lachey, A Father's Lullaby)

Did you even know that such a thing as a Nick Lachey lullaby album exists? (Did you even know that Fisher Price has a music division, and they released this album) Well apparently, it does. Just look at the album cover on the right, and one should not argue as to why it shouldn't be, as his son, Cameron, is adorable and the epitome of cuteness.  And the music, too. Nick Lachey technically has a generic 90s boy-band voice, and that is not a negative. It's pretty expressive, if a bit on the generic side. No wonder, he puts all of it on this album, and it's pretty special for its purpose. I don't have a kid to put to sleep, so it can't do tat for me, but listening to it a track at a time works. There are the standard lullabies her: Brahms, and "You Are My Sunshine." But I kind of like the original compositions that Lachey either wrote or co-wrote, where he sets stories to melodies, like "All The Pretty Horses," and "Sleepy Eyes." All in all, it's a bit self-indulgent, but it's not hurting anyone, and let lullaby!

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