Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oolong You Long time (Perfume Review: Atelier Cologne Oolong Infini)

I have been trying hard to resist the Atelier line. I think it's because they have "cologne" in their branding that I am thinking that these are very weak cologne-type perfumes. On the contrary, Atelier claims that their "Cologne Absolue" lines even have 15% concentration, which is roughly the same as a standard eau de parfum. I have had untouched samples from them, but never really tried them. I guess a part of me is petrified that I would fall in love with one of their releases, and feel like my life would be empty without it. Well, my fears have been founded. I got a new sample of Oolong Infiniti recently, and wore it this morning and what do you know: it was love at first sniff. Oolong Infiniti opens with black tea, and it smells like Earl Grey. Even though I am not a tea drinker (not a fan of hot beverages here) I like the subtle scents of teas, and during the 90s, wore Bvlgari Green Tea to pieces. The smoke of the oolong treea is quiet, and mixed with the jasmine and freesia make a smoky-floral combo that's gorgeous yet characterred . This is a fragrance that whispers, though not softly.  A lot of people have described this perfume as "gauzy," and that's quite apt. I wear scarves a lot, and most times, I spray my perfume of the day on my scarf so I invariable get a whiff of it as I move, and the fabric moves with me. This perfume gives the exact same vibe - it wears like a veil. There's not a whole lot of projectionhere: I doubt if the person next to you on the train would be able to smell it. Strangely enough, it never leaves you, even for a whole day. Around twelve hours after I first applied it, I even catch a sniff of it on my pillow. And I know that after my samples have gone (It's so unlike me, but I am even savoring my sample, not using all of it at once) I know I will crave this like nothing I have craved before. .

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