Sunday, September 7, 2014

Not So Great Gatsby (Movie Review: Affluenza)

When "Affluenza" was likened to "The Great Gatsby" I was instantly intrigued.  Gatsby is one of my favorite novel of all time, and even though I was very satisfied with Baz Luhrman's recent version, I thought i twas ripe for a modern retelling. Sadly, "Affluenza" isn't worth being compared to it. Kevin Asch, who directed this film, doesn't seem to know what to say with this movie. Set in richie rich Long Island, the kids her meander and connect, bu we never connect with them. Setting the movie against the 2008 economic meltdown was an interesting idea, but it did so with such a bland flavor. The acting is good enough: I thought Ben Rosenfeld was a charming narator, and Gregg Sulkin in the Gatsby role pouted handsomely, but they can't save something that is essentially dead on arrival.

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